Fun Run FAQ

Getting Started

You only need to register a username to start playing Fun Run! Select "Register" and type in your preferred username. If the username is already taken, Fun Run will suggest a similar name that is available. You can choose to register with this name or pick a different one.

How do I play Fun Run?

You run to the right automatically. You jump over obstacles using the button on the right side of the screen: , and you use powerups by pressing the button on the left side of the screen: . You pick up powerups by running over the boxes: .

What are the different powerups?
How does the sword powerup work?

When you pick it up, a red arrow starts pointing at the heads of the different players in the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. When you activate the powerup, you kill the player that the arrow is pointing at. Be careful not to hit yourself!

What are the different game modes?

Practice: Offline playing versus bots. You get no coins/rating, but it's a nice way to prepare your winning strikes against your friends or random players.

Quick Play: Get matched with random players from around the world. You get to vote on one of two maps chosen randomly from the map pool.

Friends Play: Create a game session and invite your friends to play. You select the map and when to start the game. You can also chat with your friends before and after games.

What does the Main Menu look like?
Why do I lose rating when I disconnect?

This is to avoid people disconnecting on purpose whenever they are about to lose a game.

What are Daily Challenges?

Daily Challenges are a way for you to earn som extra coins. The Daily Challenges varies from day to day. To accomplish them you have to i.e. get your first win of the day. You will be notified when you complete a challenge. You can see which ones are active by clicking the button: in the main menu.

How can I get coins to buy new avatars and accessories?

There are three different ways to get coins:
1. Win games
2. Complete Daily Challenges
3. Get more coins in the market place

What can I do with my coins?

You can awarde yourself by buying different avatars and accessories with your coins in the market place: .

How do I add friends?

There are three ways to add friends in Fun Run:
1. Click the icon in the post-lobby after playing a game.
2. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the "Friends scene": , and type in the username you want to add.
3. Press "Add Friend ..." in Friends Play.

How do I delete friends?

To delete someone from your friends list, first select the "trash can": icon in the upper left corner of the Friends scene and then a trash can wil appear next to your friends usernames. Press the trash can to delete.

What is this icon ?

This icon means that the item in question is new in the Market, as of the latest Fun Run update.

Can I play Fun Run in my own language?

By July 2013 Fun Run supports eight different languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

I can't connect to Fun Run

Make sure you have an internet connection. If you have connection problem when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot you should try connect to another Wi-Fi network or 3G (your operator might charge for the usage).


Can I change my username?

No. At this time, usernames cannot be changed.

How do I log out of Fun Run?

Go to the Settings scene: from the Main Menu. Press Log Out: . Note: If there is no button, press the "Password" icon: and add a valid email and password before the log out button apears.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Log out of Fun Run. Use the "Forgot Password" function in the login screen: , and you will receive an email and follow the instructions sent to your email. Note that you need to have an email address registered in order to change your password.

If you didn't get an email from us after trying to reset your password, please contact .

I forgot my username!

Use the "Forgot Password" function to at the login screen: , and you will receive an email containing your username. Note that you need to have an email address registered in order to do this.

Can I delete my account?

Unfortunately it is not possible to delete Fun Run usernames. If you have an email address registered to your account, we can delete this for you. Contact .

I get a message saying my username is invalid

Make sure that there are no spaces anywhere in the username, even at the end. Sometimes devices will add a space at the end when you type in your username.

Will I lose my rating and coins if I reinstall the game?

No, your rating and coins are tied to your username as long as you've added an email and password. Log in after reinstallation and everything should work just fine. See next questions about how to add an email and password to your username.

How can I add an email and password to my username?

You have two options in settings : Either press the "Connect to Facebook icon: ,or press the "Password" icon: . In the "Password"-scene you can add an email and password to your username.

I didn't put a password/email when I created the account and I deleted the app/lost my phone etc. Now I can't login. Help!

Email us at , describe your problem and include your username. We'll get you sorted out.

The Golden Fox

The Golden Fox is an exclusive avatar that will not be available in the Market like the other animals. Currently, the only way of getting it is to earn 1st place in the Weekly ratings list. You have to be in 1st when the list resets at the end of the week to receive the prize. There might be other ways of getting the Golden Fox in the future.

Support Languages

At this time we are only able to offer support in English and Norwegian. Please write to us in one of these languages for a faster reply.

Anything else?

Email us at , describe your problem and include your username. Please allow a response time of 1-2 business days.

Supported devices


- iPhone 3GS and later models
- iPad 1 and later models
- iPod Touch with iOS 5.1 or later

We do not guarantee anything for jailbroken devices.


Fun Run runs on hundreds of Android devices. You can download it through Google Play. We do not guarantee anything for devices running custom ROMs.

I get "Your device is not compatible" message on my Android device. Why?

Android devices need to fulfill the following to be able to run Fun Run:

- Runs Android OS 2.2 or higher
- Screen resolution of at least 320x480
- ARMv7 processor architecture

Windows Phone

At the time, there is no Windows Phone version of Fun Run.